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Public Housing
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Patrick Manor - 62 and older only: Open
Riverside: Closed
Manor Place: Open

Please provide a valid email or emails. You will be contacted through email with information such as your appointment day and time and of what we will need for your application; such as driver's license for all adults over 18, social security cards for all in the household, proof of income for all adults and birth certificates for everyone under the age of 18. We do ask that you do not bring anyone under the age of 18 to this appointment if at all possible. One reason is the Covid - 19 virus and the second reason is there are several pieces of information you will need to pay attention to that are very important and when you have children with you it makes it hard to listen to the information given to you. Please do not use relatives as references or previous landlords. You will not be considered for housing without these items; Proof of Income, Social Security Card for all family members, Birth certificates for all under 18, Driver's license for all adults, Proof of child care expenses, Proof of school schedule for full time students, Proof of grants, loans or scholarships, If you or a family member is elderly or disabled please bring these items: Prescriptions for the last 12 months, Medical insurance premiums, And medical expenses you have paid out of pocket for the last 12 months. I fully understand that Title 18, Section 1001 of the United States Code, states that a person is guilty of a felony for knowingly and willingly making false or fraudulent statements to any department or agency of the United States. I, therefore, certify that the forgoing information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize inquiries to be made to verify the statement above We need to have at least 2 personal references and 1 landlord reference. If you do not give any references, we cannot process your application .

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